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Sincerely Brooklyn is a lifestyle blog that provides cultural commentary of my life in Brooklyn. With cultural insight and perspective, this is a creative outlet for the beauty obsessed, social and political observer in constant pursuit of great food, great company and fun times. 


About Me

There once was a daydreamer who lived in Brooklyn...

Hyperfeminine intellectual. New York transplant. Recovering midwesterner. Extrovert. Painlessly productive. Globe trekker. Aspiring Expat. Political. Advocate. Organizer. When I’m not arguing the nuances of everyday racist migroaggressions, I'm working on education policies.  If I'm not on an airplane, I’m somewhere in Brooklyn or Harlem, beating my face, dancing in the moon light, watching Youtube videos and living happily ever after. I live for the ritual of thrift shopping and weekend brunching. I often quote The Wire. My blush is always over done. In constant pursuit of Black people and Black experiences. I find inspiration in architecture, food, people, travel and music. I'm inspired by queer culture and the ballroom scene. My biggest inspiration is shaped by my love of my ancestors. I write about politics, travel, motherhood, the nuances of growing up in poverty and my newfound life as a first generation middle class Black woman and the conflicts that pose in my life. Lover of all things South Africa. Very much a #NeverTrump. Searchin' for forever...