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Sincerely Brooklyn is a lifestyle blog that provides cultural commentary of my life in Brooklyn. With cultural insight and perspective, this is a creative outlet for the beauty obsessed, social and political observer in constant pursuit of great food, great company and fun times. 


My Black Mommy Travel Inspirations


I used to think, before I had a mini, that traveling as a mother would be limited to Caribbean cruises and family reunions stuck in sweaty cars. I never really saw Claire Huxtable travel, and therefore was convinced I'd have to be a born-again hippie to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies as a mom. 

Let the media (and your friends) tell it, black mothers who actively travel internationally are an anomaly. 

Amongst the list of things you aren’t supposed to being doing as a Black mother, traveling internationally is probably right up there next to, having time. I love to travel internationally. As a Black mom, I am hit with images everyday that suggest being Black and being a mother can not exist as a traveler. There are times when traveling can be an insurmountable financial feat for lots of people, and Black mothers who exist at the margins of parenthood tend to be chief amongst them. As we think of all the things we are not supposed to be able to do, here are some fabulous mothers, single and coupled, who live or travel extensively abroad that I look to for inspiration:

Ahtis Davis-Cloyd is a Black mom of 2 wonderful kiddies. She’s a wife and a financial executive originally from Brooklyn who moved to London. She is the writer of one of my favorite mommy blogs called, A Journey of 1000 Miles,  that inspires people to experience travel and happiness.  They’ve just recently completed a slamming trip to Geneva in Switzerland and I’m so excited for their next journey.




Dr. Mia Reddy, who is the editor of a lifestyle site called BB Life. She’s the mom of two amazing boys, 11 and 7, and a wife who moved abroad to Italy. I love following her journey and that of her sons. She’s constantly on the move and just completed a slamming trip to Morocco. Her boys also have an amazing travel channel that I also happen to love. Make sure you check them out.

Then there’s my fellow Nomadness Tribe member, Elmeka. She is a mom who is moving abroad to Cambodia with her amazingly well-traveled son. Not only do they travel together to exotic places like Victoria Falls in Africa, but they also travel solo. She is currently in Haiti with the most envy worthy pictures. Be sure to check out her brand new blog as she discusses her excitement and reservations of moving to Asia.

And of course no list of moms can not be complete without including the founder of  Tastemakers Africa a.k.a. “Travel Africa, Skip Mediorce” site, Cherae Robinson. I have fallen in love with not only her commitment to traveling in Africa but her entrepreneurial spirit, savvy advice, and humble presentation. I didn’t know Cherae was a mom until I had the opportunity to hear her speak so fondly of her son on a travel panel in New York City this spring. I’d always been a major fan of her work and now I get to enjoy all of her fabulous pictures with her son!

Krystie is a model and everything else! I just found Krystie on Instagram but she literally takes my breath away with all of her amazingly sophisticated pictures and scenic trips around the world. Along with her husband, she manages to pursue business adventures as well as escape to far flung destinations with her little toddler, Luke.

This was one of the first pages I started to follow on Instagram. This is a mom who works constantly and travels often. She resides in Philadelphia with her daughter and takes the little tot to as many places as she can. From the Swiss Alps to Italy, I’m falling in love with the beads of a black girl swinging in the wind. Whenever I feel like the anti-Black mama memes have reached their fever pitch, I scurry over to her page to get my fix!

Ok, Katrina is my girlfriend in my head. No for real. I literally think we’ve met a million times. She’s a charming Brooklynite who lives in Atlanta with her husband and three kids, 19, 8, and 6. She, for me, is magic. Not only does she give you constant inspiration with her anniversary trips but she also gives you practical advice on how to style your Senegalese twists while abroad.

If you don’t know Tanai then you have been living under a rock. She exploded on to the scene with an amazing story of Black motherhood that has really proved to be motivating and profound. She talks about faith and wisdom as she takes on the world, literally, with her 3 amazingly gorgeous kiddies. She was jolted by a divorce that changed her in a way that only a divorce can. Not only is she a teacher in Abu Dhabi  but she takes her kids to Sri Lanka and Malaysia. I am looking forward to the pictures of her upcoming travels to Nairobi.

She is another teacher in the UAE who has recently accepted a slamming opportunity to move to Uganda. The mom of one extraordinary 7 year old son, she writes so eloquently about the challenges of living abroad. What I love most is all her pieces on being a woman of color in foreign spaces that don’t value Black lives.

This is my dream mom! She, like all the others, is a mom on the move. She relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa with her wonderful family of 4 from Arkansas. Yes, Arkansas! I’ve been lurking on her site for all the kid friendly places to go in Durban and Cape Town. She’s taken her kids to amazing safaris in Mozambique and intends to trek with them across the entire continent. And I’ll be there for every step.

So, I hope you find some inspiration amongst these fabulous Black moms to take the leap not only abroad but towards a life worth living out loud!

Who are the Black moms you go to for inspiration?