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Sincerely Brooklyn is a lifestyle blog that provides cultural commentary of my life in Brooklyn. With cultural insight and perspective, this is a creative outlet for the beauty obsessed, social and political observer in constant pursuit of great food, great company and fun times. 


Why I'll Probably Never Visit Las Vegas


Me in South Africa. Not Las Vegas.

Me in South Africa. Not Las Vegas.


I love to travel. I love a good vacation. Every time I am scouring the internet for my next travel destination, there’s always some gimmicky ad pushing me to choose Las Vegas. Almost every time, I restart a research process to determine whether spending 5 days in the scorching heat for some low-low price is worth my time. Las Vegas always falls short.

Here are the top reasons why I will (probably) never visit Las Vegas:

1.)  Overrated. I just don’t see what the hype is all about for someone who doesn’t live in a desolate town. I think it’s hard to make the case to someone who already lives in New York City that Las Vegas is somehow a vacation?

2.) Cultural difference? Trying to get past the reputation of Las Vegas as a sketchy, adults only vacation destination is tough for me. I have continued to list it as an “if it happens” vacation spot. Most people insist that I will “…love Vegas.” I always assume that these are people who don’t know me very well or people who think I just love to shop all day. I like to go to historical destinations, museums, attend quiet shows, lay on well-known beaches, scour vintage boutiques, art gallery openings, maybe a nature hike in Vermont or upstate California, strolling through small towns, sightseeing in mega cities, taking in a healthy does of authentic culture, a vineyard villa in Tuscany, a secret island in Croatia, a street market in Lagos, a laid back rooftop in Rio, a Segway tour through London. Catch my drift?  

3.)  The shows don’t interest me.  I don’t gamble. People always tell me that if I don’t gamble then I would be interested in the shows. But I live in NYC? And we have Broadway shows that are actually on Broadway Street. We are home to Alvin Ailey. We are the seat of the American Ballet Theatre. If I want to see a great drag show or impersonation I can go to the Village downtown. I’m not a Cirque de Solei type of girl.

4.)  It’s in the United States. Every time I’m looking for an ideal location, I am always a bit harder on US based destinations than international destinations. Because this is my country and I’ve frequented many places often, I really only want to vacation in a US city that I have always been interested in seeing like Honolulu or Seattle, or places I know and love well like San Francisco and Chicago. Las Vegas has never been on my bucket list.

5.)  No opportunity. Above all things, I’ve never really had an excuse to visit Las Vegas. I know it’s cheap and accessible and is the number one destination for American travel. I however don’t consider that an opportunity.

Perhaps I'm a travel snob. Maybe I'm accepting travel stereotypes. Either way, I probably won't ever visit Las Vegas. I’m sure I should never say never but taking days off to fly from the amazing city of New York to Las Vegas has never been high on my priority list. Las Vegas continues to smell like an overrated made-up, budget friendly destination that I have no interest in.

If you love Las Vegas, tell me all the reasons why.