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Sincerely Brooklyn is a lifestyle blog that provides cultural commentary of my life in Brooklyn. With cultural insight and perspective, this is a creative outlet for the beauty obsessed, social and political observer in constant pursuit of great food, great company and fun times. 


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The Smoke Joint



There is a special place in my heart for Fort Greene cuisine. The neighborhood is full of amazing eateries that boast of great scenery as well as great food. You're not going to find a lot of chain restaurants or 5-star places. One of my favorite spots to go for a casual dining experience is The Smoke Joint. 

Smoke Joint Menu

Smoke Joint Menu

Smoke Joint has some of the best chicken wings in Brooklyn. I usually go to its sister restaurants Peaches or Peaches Hothouse (poor service) for brunch. When I'm trying to grab a quick, hearty meal after a game or a movie at BAM, I Iove to stop by the Smoke Joint. It's traditionally a 15-20 minute wait, but the hostesses are pretty great about keeping track.  

Meal Suggestions:

  • Drink: Tiger Woods. This is a traditional southern sweet tea with some lemonade. It s a cleaver play on Arnold Palmer. 
  • Wings: I recommend the sweet and hot wings mixed. Nice bowl of 7-8 wings you can eat with your hands. They provide moisture hand wipes. 
  • Sides: Macaroni. The macaroni is great! I love macaroni and tend to be critical of restaurant macaroni that isn't cheesy enough. I strongly recommend theirs!
  • Try Out: Smoke Joint fries, pulled pork sandwiches and fries are great. 
  • Stay Away: Their greens are not the best. They have too much vinegar and not enough turkey wings flavor. It's a preference and I just don't prefer theirs. 
Tasty Macaroni

Tasty Macaroni